A Guide To Preventing Springtime Eczema Triggers

People with eczematous skin have immune systems that go on overdrive even at the slightest triggers. During spring, pollen, spores, mold, and other allergens carried by the windy season can cause inflamed skin. Those who suffer from eczema need to do the following to ensure an inflammation-free spring:


Image source: Nbcchicago.com

Take antihistamines or allergy-blockers when going out.

Be sure to take the prescribed medication and not just any type of anti-allergy medication. When going out, it’s best to take preventive measures to keep away the triggers from aggravating the skin.

Go on a low-allergen diet.

For people with eczematous skin, eggs, nuts, and dairy can trigger the inflammation. Even if there are no strict prohibitions from these foods for most eczema sufferers, it’s best to keep away from these during the spring to keep the allergens in check.

Do a spring cleaning.

Here’s a tip: Sweeping can cause the spread of allergens as opposed to vacuuming. The dust swept may settle longer as compared to when using a vacuum cleaner. During this season, it’s also important to clean the beds, air filters, screens, and shelves where most allergens breed.

Go on a shower every night.

The body might have come in contact with an eczema trigger, so it’s best to scrub away all the dirt before calling it a night. Washing the hair before going to bed is necessary to remove the pollen and dust it gathered during the day.


Image source: Prevention.com

Eczema doesn’t have to ruin spring. Those who experience this condition can still enjoy the beautiful weather and the beauty of nature during this season with the right preventive measures.

Ines Cano Uribe aspires to help people with skin conditions like eczema. The UK-based mother and clinical psychology student is currently developing a clothing line suitable for those with sensitive skin. For more updates and insights, visit this blog.


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